Zack Snyder's Unmade Justice League Sequel Plot Revealed: Epic Green Lantern Corps vs. Darkseid's Female Furies Showdown!

Author: Shobith C/ February 28, 2023

What could have been?!

Two years have passed since Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiered on HBO Max, and the landscape of superhero movies has changed once again. The Snyderverse, which seemed to have a bright future ahead with its ambitious plans for a five-movie arc, has been abandoned by Warner Bros. in favor of a more fragmented and experimental approach. But even as the hope for a continuation of Snyder’s vision fades away, the legacy of his work still resonates with many fans who appreciate his distinctive style and his dedication to the characters and stories he brought to the screen.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Snyder’s Justice League was the hints and teases he included about the sequels he had in mind. Snyder envisioned a war between the Green Lantern Corps and the New Gods, with Darkseid as the ultimate antagonist. He also mentioned the possibility of the Female Furies, the elite warriors of Apokolips led by Granny Goodness, invading Themyscira, the homeland of Wonder Woman, and wreaking havoc on the Amazons.

Here’s how Snyder described the plot of Justice League sequel:

“You would get some kind of probably Female Furies landing on Theymscira in some sort of crazy giant… The Apokalyptian invasion that’s coming, that Darkseid is like ‘Ready the armada,’ he’s loading up all of his cats, and they’re coming. It would be pretty much the entire hoard of New Gods landing on Earth. That’s why you’d need the Lanterns, and that’s why you’d need everybody to join together to fight against… Because that’s a pretty formidable war that you’re about to get into.”

These ideas were tantalizing for many reasons. They suggested a larger canvas for the DC universe, one that could encompass not only Earth but also the cosmic realms and the mythological domains. They hinted at the introduction of new heroes and villains, some of whom had never been adapted to live-action before. They promised epic battles and emotional stakes that could rival or surpass the best moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they showcased Snyder’s passion for the source material and his willingness to take risks and push boundaries.


But now, in 2023, we know that these plans will probably never come to fruition. Snyder himself has acknowledged that the chances of him returning to direct more DC movies are slim, and that even if he did, he would have to work within the constraints of the studio’s changing priorities and creative strategies. The Snyder cut may have given him a chance to showcase his original vision for Justice League, but it also exposed the rift between his vision and the studio’s expectations.

So, what could have been? Let’s imagine for a moment that the sequels had been made, and that we had seen the Green Lantern Corps battling the armies of Apokolips, the Female Furies clashing with the Amazons, and Darkseid himself descending upon Earth to claim the Anti-Life Equation. What kind of story would Snyder have told, and how would it have fit into the larger DC mythology?

First, we can assume that the Green Lantern Corps would have played a major role, as Snyder had already hinted. We know from his previous films that he had a fascination with the cosmic side of DC, and that he had included references to Lanterns in his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The war with the New Gods would have been a chance for the Lanterns to showcase their powers and their diversity, and to explore the themes of duty, honor, and sacrifice that are central to their mythology.

Second, we can imagine that the Female Furies would have been a formidable and memorable group of villains. Snyder had a knack for creating striking and dynamic characters, and the Furies are no exception. Their leader, Granny Goodness, is a twisted and sadistic figure who trains young girls to become killers and psychologically manipulates her subordinates. The other Furies, such as Big Barda, Lashina, or Stompa, are also distinctive in their personalities and powers. Seeing them clash with Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons would have been a thrilling spectacle, especially if Snyder had given them the same attention to detail and choreography that he gave to the fights in his previous movies.

Third, we can assume that Darkseid would have been the main antagonist, and that he would have been portrayed as a fearsome and unstoppable force. Snyder had already established Darkseid as the ultimate threat in his version of Justice League, and he had hinted at his backstory and motivations. We know that Darkseid seeks the Anti-Life Equation, a cosmic formula that grants him control over all life in the universe. We also know that he has a history of enmity with the New Gods, and that he has conquered countless worlds in his quest for power. To see Darkseid come to Earth, with his army of parademons and his loyal lieutenants such as Desaad or Kalibak, would have been a climactic moment in the Snyderverse, one that could have set the stage for even more epic battles and cosmic sagas.

Finally, we can speculate that the sequels would have explored the relationships and conflicts between the heroes themselves. Snyder had already introduced a diverse and charismatic cast of characters, from Batman to Aquaman, from Cyborg to The Flash. He had given them personal arcs and emotional depth, and he had shown how they could come together to overcome their differences and fight for a common cause. In the sequels, he could have deepened these themes, and explored new dynamics between the characters. 


Alas, these are just speculations and wishes. The reality is that we will probably never see the sequels that Snyder had in mind. But even as we mourn the loss of these stories, we can still appreciate the legacy that Snyder has left behind, and the impact that his movies have had on the genre. Snyder’s Justice League may not have been perfect, but it was bold and visionary, and it reminded us of the potential that superhero movies can have when they are treated with respect and imagination. Let’s hope that future filmmakers and studios will learn from Snyder’s example, and continue to push the boundaries of what superhero movies can be.

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