June 25, 2024

Aquaman 2 Refuses to Back Down in China Box Office!

By DC Updates Feb 6, 2024

In a resounding testament to its enduring popularity, “Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” has surged past the $300 million milestone in the international box office, bolstering its global success. With a $4.3 million overseas gross on its seventh weekend, marking only a 36.4% decline, the film has amassed a cumulative total of $302.7 million across 76 markets.

Allied to its robust $120.8 million domestic earnings, the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has now achieved a commendable $423.5 million global gross, firmly securing its position as Warner Bros.’ fifth-highest-grossing film post-Covid. Notably, this achievement is even more remarkable considering the film’s $205 million production budget, excluding marketing expenses.

The film’s trajectory indicates a promising outlook, with industry analysts projecting a final global run in the range of $440 million to $450 million. Surpassing initial expectations, “Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” has demonstrated remarkable staying power, defying early projections and sustaining momentum throughout its theatrical run.

In China, a particularly lucrative market for Hollywood releases, the sequel has surpassed formidable competition to claim its place as the twelfth highest-grossing Hollywood film post-Covid. Exhibiting remarkable longevity, the film’s seventh weekend performance saw it grossing an additional $295,000 over 16,000 screenings, with a negligible 13.8% drop from the previous weekend. This achievement brings its local cumulative total to an impressive $63.6 million, outpacing contenders like “Oppenheimer” and setting its sights on surpassing “No Time To Die.”

With a promising trajectory ahead, “Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, poised to further solidify its position as a box office success story. Anticipation remains high as the film sets its sights on further milestones and endeavors to cement its legacy in the annals of cinematic achievement.

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