July 21, 2024

New Superman Set Photos Appear to Contradict Earlier Statements by James Gunn!

Recent set photos from the upcoming Superman film appear to confirm the presence of a notable DC Comics villain, contradicting earlier statements by writer and director James Gunn. In April 2024, well-known scoopers CanWeGetSomeToast and DanielRPK reported that Superman would face Ultraman in his debut DCU movie. DanielRPK even described Ultraman as the “main villain.” However, Gunn later clarified on Threads that Nicholas Hoult’s Lex Luthor was the movie’s primary antagonist, advising fans to disregard unverified news about the film.

Although Gunn did not explicitly deny Ultraman’s presence, his comments led many to believe he had debunked those rumors. Now, new set photos shared by Cleveland.com suggest otherwise. Images captured by David Petkiewicz show David Corenswet’s Superman being taken into custody by Frank Grillo’s Rick Flag Sr., María Gabriela de Faría’s The Engineer, and a masked figure bearing a “U” symbol on their chest. This has led fans to speculate that the character is indeed Ultraman. Gunn has yet to address these latest revelations.

The lack of official confirmation has sparked debate among fans. Some criticize Gunn for seemingly misleading them about Ultraman’s role, while others point out that he only emphasized Lex Luthor as the main villain. DanielRPK clarified that when he referred to Ultraman as the “main villain,” he meant the primary antagonist Superman fights, not Lex Luthor.

The “U” symbol on the masked character strongly suggests Ultraman’s presence, but it’s possible that Gunn’s earlier statements and the potential plot twist involving an evil Superman clone were intended to keep fans in suspense. Speculation abounds that Superman may be arrested for crimes committed by his doppelganger, a twist that could be revealed later in the film.

As fans await official confirmation of Ultraman’s role, these developments may influence their trust in Gunn’s future comments about DCU projects.

Superman is scheduled for release in theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest updates on DCU’s upcoming projects, and subscribe to DC Updates’ YouTube channel.

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