April 15, 2024

Wonder Woman Director Reveals How James Gunn Ended Her Franchise!

By Shobith C Mar 14, 2024
Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman Franchise

The world of superhero cinema is often as turbulent as the battles fought on screen, and recent revelations from director Patty Jenkins shed light on the behind-the-scenes struggles of the iconic “Wonder Woman” franchise. In a series of statements and interviews, Jenkins detailed her departure from the highly anticipated third installment of the series, attributing its demise to creative differences within Warner Bros. and the new direction set by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Jenkins, who helmed both “Wonder Woman” and its sequel “Wonder Woman 1984,” had been actively developing a third installment with star Gal Gadot. However, in December 2022, news emerged that “Wonder Woman 3” had hit a roadblock after Warner Bros. executives passed on Jenkins’ treatment for the sequel. This setback coincided with the announcement of Gunn and Safran taking charge of DC Studios and their intention to revamp the DC Universe.

Speculation arose that Jenkins’ vision for “Wonder Woman 3” clashed with Gunn and Safran’s plans to integrate the franchise into their broader universe. However, Jenkins took to Twitter to clarify her position, stating, “I never walked away… DC is obviously buried in changes they are having to make, so I understand these decisions are difficult right now.”

Gunn swiftly supported Jenkins’ account, affirming their professional and amicable interactions during their time together. The public exchange highlighted the complexities of navigating creative differences within a studio undergoing significant restructuring.

In a recent appearance on the “Talking Pictures” podcast, Jenkins expressed resignation regarding her involvement with the “Wonder Woman” franchise, at least for the foreseeable future. She acknowledged the challenges faced by Gunn and Safran in steering the DC Universe in a new direction, empathizing with the weight of their responsibilities.

“They aren’t interested in doing any ‘Wonder Woman’ for the time being,” Jenkins revealed. “It’s not an easy task, with what’s going on with DC. James Gunn and Peter Safran have to follow their own heart into their own plans. I don’t know what they are planning on doing or why, so I have sympathy for what a big job it is and they have to follow their heart and do what they’ve got planned.”

Jenkins’ departure marks the end of an era for the “Wonder Woman” series, which she helped elevate to prominence as one of Hollywood’s most successful and critically acclaimed superhero franchises. Her insights offer a glimpse into the intricate dynamics shaping the future of DC’s cinematic universe and underscore the challenges inherent in balancing creative vision with studio mandates.

As fans await further developments in the DC Universe, Jenkins’ candid reflections serve as a reminder of the complexities and uncertainties inherent in the world of blockbuster filmmaking. While the fate of “Wonder Woman” remains uncertain, the enduring legacy of Jenkins’ contributions to the franchise will undoubtedly endure in the annals of cinematic history.

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