May 24, 2024

James Gunn Reportedly Altering Two Classic Villain Origins In Superman Movie!

By Shobith C Apr 5, 2024

The upcoming Superman film directed by James Gunn has ignited anticipation and conjecture, particularly regarding the portrayal of iconic DC adversaries. While Nicholas Hoult’s Lex Luthor is confirmed as a central antagonist, recent rumors hint at Gunn’s intention to shake up tradition by amalgamating the origins of two legendary foes to birth a new villainous entity.

Details about the Superman plot remain elusive, but Gunn has hinted at a narrative that delves into the dual identity of David Corenswet’s Clark Kent, grappling with his Kryptonian heritage and human upbringing. However, a fresh rumor circulating suggests that Lex Luthor will enlist a formidable ally in his quest to vanquish the Man of Steel.

According to insider reports from Scooper CanWeGetSomeToast, Gunn’s Superman movie will introduce a twist on the classic villain formula. Allegedly, Lex Luthor will possess the capability to create a clone of Superman, reminiscent of a storyline from the Silver Age comics where Luthor engineers an evil duplicate known as Bizarro. However, in Gunn’s rendition, this character will purportedly be named Ultraman. Despite the lack of detailed information about Ultraman’s role, neither Gunn nor official sources have confirmed or refuted this intriguing speculation.

The decision to rename Bizarro as Ultraman could signify a significant deviation from DC Comics canon. Traditionally, Bizarro is depicted as a flawed clone of Superman, characterized by chalk-white skin and a childlike demeanor. Conversely, Ultraman typically embodies alternate-universe versions of Superman who epitomize corruption or outright villainy. While both characters have primarily appeared in animated adaptations, their inclusion in Gunn’s live-action Superman film would mark a notable milestone for both villains.

Until official confirmation is provided, this rumor remains speculative. While insider reports have proven accurate in the past, Gunn recently debunked a separate rumor regarding casting for “The Batman 2.” Whether Bizarro/Ultraman will indeed feature in Gunn’s Superman remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates to see if the Man of Steel will indeed confront a dark mirror of himself in the DC cinematic universe.

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